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Kraurions Tauschthread CN-UPDATE
Beitrag: #1
vom - Kraurions Tauschthread CN-UPDATE
Update meiner Tauschliste! Canterlot-karten sind nun dabei!


2x Fluttershy "Monster Tamer" UR
1x Zecora "Everfree Guru" UR
1x A.K. Yearling "Adventure Writer" UR


3x Gyro "Poindexter" R
5x Apple Stars "Fruit Prodigy" R
4x Lemony Gem "Sour Grapes" R
1x Sunny Rays "One bright Mare" R
1x Spike "Assistant Librarian" R
1x In your Dreams R
1x Minuette "Clocked up" R
1x I just can't decide R
1x You've been up all Night R
1x Canterlot Archive Guard "Literate Lookout" R
1x Learned Lessons R

3x Sunny Smiles "Iconic Friend" R
2x Sweet Apple Acres R
2x Coco Crusoe "Thick Skinned" R
3x Night Watch "Vigilant Patrol" R
3x Silver Spanner "Nuts for Bolts" R
2x Eeyup R
4x Whoa there Nelly! R
1x Gala Appleby "Refined Farmer" R
1x Big Mac "Biggest Brother" R
1x Canterlot Hedge Maze
1x Plum Tuckered Out R
1x Fast Clip "Drill Instructor" R

1x Assault Cake R
1x Surprise "Party Pegasus" R
2x Charged Up "Energizer Pony" R
2x Lucky Streak "One in a Million" R
1x Sassaflash "Striking" R
2x Pinny Lane "Bowl'em over" R
1x Snips "Schemer" R
1x Welcome Wagon R
1x Pinkie Pie "Element of Laughter" R
1x Bell Tower R
1x Too much Fun R
1x Pie Family Rock Farm R

2x Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth R
2x Lilac Links "Superstitious" R
2x Sea Swirl "Porpoiseful" R
1x Mane Cureall "Veteran Vet" R
1x Picnic Lunch R
2x Mr.Breezy "Fan Fan" R
1x Goldie Delicious ""Cat Hoarder" R
1x Angel "Serious Business" R
1x Furry Free-for-All R
1x Nurse Redheart "Cantankerous Caretaker" R

3x Spike "Baby Dragon" R
2x Solar Wind "Enterprising Astronomer" R
2x Two Bits R
1x Gotta go Fast R
1x Nice Moves, Kid R
1x Go, Feed! R

2x Lotus Blossom "Sauna Expert" R
1x Eff Stop "Muckraker" R
4x Carousel Boutique R
1x Big Shot "Wildlife Photographer" R
3x Featherweight "Editor-in Chief" R
1x Twilight Sky "Stanchion Stallion" R
1x Rarity "Element of Generosity" R
1x Snooty Boutique R

3x Team Effort R
3x Assertiveness Training R
1x Straighten Up & Fly Right R
1x The Brave and the Bold R

1x Sunset Shimmer R

1x Cockatrice on the Loose R
1x Fruit Bat Roundup R
3x Vidala Swoon "Mane Manager" F
2x Hummingway "Fine Feathered Friend" F
2x Big Top "Silly Pony" F
2x Holly Dash "Flighty Filly" F
6x Cherry Jubilee "Queen of the Hill" F

2x Professor Neigh "Algebraic" foil
1x Golden Oark Library foil

1x Let's get this Party started foil
2x Lilac Links "Superstitious" foil
2x Fluttershy "Animal Team" foil
1x Winona "On the scent" foil
1x Picnic Lunch foil
1x Lily "Panicked Pony" foil
1x Pinkie Pie "Element of Laughter" foil

2x Spike "Baby Dragon" foil
1x Rainbow Dash "Weather Leader" foil
2x Finish Line "Jammer" foil
1x Go, Feed! foil

1x Drill Bit "Construction Worker" foil

1x Carousel Boutique foil
1x Roseluck "Fainthearted Filly" foil

2x Assertiveness Training foil
2x Straighten Up & Fly Right foil

Ich suche:

XX Queen Chrysalis
XX Nightmare Moon
XX Ahuizotl
1x Rarity 'Truly Outrageous'
1x Twilight Sparkle 'Ursa Vanquisher'

Außerdem dürfen mir auch außer der Reihe Angebote gemacht werden. Solange es sich lohnt, könnte ich darauf eingehen. Obig genannte Wants erhöhen aber die Chance, den 'deal' zu 'sealen' Wink
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